Ultimate Guide on How to Draw on Photos on an iPhone

Without a stylus, drawing on your iPhone images may be dreadful. And frankly, unless you know your onions, your chances of creating a masterpiece drawing on an iPhone are impossible.

Whether you want to point or mark something, draw, or doodle on an image to enhance your photos, the result can amuse you or charm a friend. This post walks you through how to draw on photos on iPhone using 7 different methods.

Use Apple Photos App

Here are the steps to draw on a photo on an iPhone using the Apple Photo app:

  • Step 1- Launch the Apple Photos app on your iPhone
  • Step 2- upload the photo you want to draw or doodle.
  • Step 3- locate the top for the "Edit" button and tap. image10.jpg
  • Step 4- This takes you to the editing screen. Locate the top and tap the pencil icon to open the Markup editor.
  • Step 5: This takes you to the Markup editor. At the bottom, you'll find different types of pens. Tap on one of the pens and start drawing on your picture. image2.jpg
  • Step 6- Once completed, save your image by tapping the Done button. Again, locate another Done button at the bottom, then tap. image18.jpg Keep in mind that the edited image will replace the original image.

Tips for using the iPhone Markup Tool

Learn from these tips to draw on photos using the Markup feature on iPhone:

  • Change the size and opacity of a selected pen by double-taping it.
  • Change the color of the selected pen by tapping on the color icon
  • Remove any drawing on the image by tapping the Erase icon
  • Select the Lasso tool and draw around the areas designated to select. Next is to omg press and drag anywhere to choose another position.
  • To draw a perfect shape for squares, circles, rectangles, etc, first draw this shape on the photo. Then, hold the shape without moving your fingers, and it will automatically turn into the perfect shape.

Use Files App

Here's a step-by-step process to draw on a photo using the Files app.

  • Step 1- Tap and open the Files app on your iPhone
  • Step 2- Long press on the desired image thumbnail. Don't open the image. image5.jpg
  • Step 3- tap on Quick Actions>Markup. image20.jpg
  • Step 4- locate the bottom, tap on the pen, and start drawing on your image. Follow the tips mentioned above.
  • Step 5- Select Done and save the image. image19.jpg

Use Message App

If you want to send a photo through the iPhone message app, the app allows you to draw on images directly and send them. Here's how to:

  • Step 1- open the message app and select "start a new conversation" or open a current conversation.
  • Step 2- Locate the bottom of the app and select the photo icon.
  • Step 3- tap on your desired photo
  • Step 4- The photo will be imported into the typing area. Tap on the selected image. image24.jpg
  • Step 5- Select the Markup option, which will take you to the markup editing board. image25.jpg
  • Step 6- Draw on the image using your desired pen style. Select save>Done to complete the process. image11.jpg
  • Step 7- Tap on the send button to send the image message. image4.jpg

Use Screenshot Editor

There are two methods to draw a screenshot on your iPhone. First, open the screenshot on your message app or in Photoshop and follow the above steps to draw on the photo.

Second, take a screenshot of the photo and start drawing directly through the screenshot following the steps below:

  • Step 1- screenshot the image you want to draw on an iPhone
  • Step 2- Tap on the screenshot thumbnail or preview (which will appear at the bottom).
  • Step 3- This takes you to the screenshot editing screen. Select the Markup icon.
  • Step 4- Then select a pen and start drawing on the photo. image8.jpg
  • Step 5- Once finished, select Done, Save to photos, and download the edited image. image9.jpg You can also save your edited screenshot to the notes app.

Use Notes App

You can draw on a photo in a note using the phone notes app. Here's how to:

  • Step 1- Tap the Apple Notes app and open an existing note with the photo. Or, you can create a new note and upload the photo into it.

  • Step 2- Select the photo in the note. It will open it in full-screen mode.

  • Step 3- Select the Markup icon image3.jpg Keep in mind: There's a Markup icon on the note itself. Don't tap on it. You should open the image in full-screen view first before tapping on the Markup icon.

  • Step 4- Tap on one of the pens and draw on the image. Then select Done to save the edited photo. image16.jpg

Use Whatsapp

The built-in markup tool in WhatsApp allows you to draw an image on a photo on an iPhone, and here's how to do it:

  • Step 1- Open Whatsapp on your iPhone.
  • Step 2- Tap on the chat where you want the photo sent.
  • Step 3- Tap the (+) icon and choose your desired photo. Or capture a new photo from the camera option. image14.jpg
  • Step 4- Tap on the picture you want to draw.
  • Step 5- Locate the top right and select the pencil icon. Then, start drawing. Tap on the color palette slider to choose your preferred color. Similarly, locate the bottom right to select your desired pen type. image23.jpg
  • Step 6 - Select Done and Send to share the photo. image13.jpg

Use a Third Party App

If you want to explore options, you can try out third-party apps by following the steps below:

  • Step 1- Download the You Doddle App on an iPhone
  • Step 2- Open the app, then Select on File>Import. image6.jpg
  • Step 3- Select "Draw on top a photo" and Camera Roll. Choose your desired photo from the camera roll. image15.jpg
  • Step 4- This takes you to the crop screen. Select Done. image27.jpg
  • Step 5- This takes you to the editing screen. Choose your preferred color and pen style and start drawing. image7.jpg
  • Step 6- Select File>Save > Camera roll to save the image. image1.jpg

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How do I draw on photos on my iPhone?

Open the photo in the Photos app, tap "Edit," then select the three dots (...) and choose "Markup" to access drawing tools.

Can I change the color and thickness of the drawing on my iPhone photo?

Yes, while using Markup, tap the color palette icon to choose a different color and the marker icon to adjust the line thickness.

Is there an option to add text to my photos while drawing on my iPhone?

Absolutely! In Markup, tap the "Aa" icon to add text, then customize the font, size, and color to enhance your photo.

Can I undo or redo changes when drawing on a photo with my iPhone?

Yes, shake your iPhone or tap the undo (left-pointing arrow) and redo (right-pointing arrow) arrows in Markup to revise your edits.

What happens if I make a mistake while drawing on a photo?

If you make a mistake, use the eraser tool in Markup to selectively remove any unwanted drawings or annotations.

Can I share photos with drawings intact on my iPhone?

Certainly! After making your edits in Markup, tap "Done" and choose "Save as New Photo" or save, and the edited version will be available in your Photos library.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to draw on photos on iPhone photo is a creative and personal way to enhance your memories.

Whether adding vibrant doodles or important notes, the Markup feature provides a user-friendly experience.

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