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Erase unwanted objects, people, defects, or watermarks with a simple swipe with our unbeatable AI technology.

AI object remover is a revolutionary technology that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly remove unwanted objects, people, defects, and watermarks from photos. AI object remover saves editors from spending hours meticulously editing images to get rid of unwanted objects and watermarks and or compromising on image quality.
ClearOff is an advanced AI-powered image editor that leverages cutting-edge technology to intelligently analyze your photos and effortlessly erase any undesired elements while maintaining the image's sharpness, clarity, and integrity. Say goodbye to distractions and imperfections, and welcome flawlessly edited photos with Clear Off's powerful algorithms that ensure that your edited images retain the same level of excellence as the original, free from any undesirable elements.
A street photo that has been edited to remove a car from the image.
Experience The ClearOff Advantage & Elevate Your Editing Experience

Superior Image Retention

ClearOff sets itself apart from competitors by preserving the original image's sharpness and clarity throughout the editing process, ensuring exceptional visual quality in the final result.

An image of the seaside, edited with Clearoff to remove the chairs from the picture.

Streamlined Editing Workflow

With ClearOff, removing unwanted objects becomes a breeze, streamlining your editing workflow and saving you valuable time.

An image of a street with buildings, edited with Clearoff to remove pedestrians from the picture.

AI-Powered Precision

ClearOff utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to precisely detect and remove unwanted elements, guaranteeing accurate and refined edits.

An illustration image, edited with Clearoff to remove the yellow bird from the picture.

Enhanced Productivity

ClearOff's cutting-edge technology enables quick and efficient unwanted object removal, boosting your productivity and allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

An image of a waterfront landscape, edited with Clearoff to remove the rocks from the picture.

Versatile Applications

ClearOff caters to a wide range of industries, including professional photographers, e-commerce businesses, and real estate professionals, empowering them to enhance their visual content and drive business growth.

A landscape photo that has been edited to remove a watermark from the image.
How it works

Very, very simple. What do you think?

Step 1
Upload an image
Click the "Upload image" frame to choose the image you want to clearoff.
Step 2
Let AI Clearoff handle the job.
You can easily select the unwanted content by swiping, and our tool will automatically clear it within seconds with 100% accuracy.
Step 3
Download it
Download the beautiful image you edited and you're done!


is for Everyone

and how people use it.

With its robust technology and impeccable results, ClearOff has made its way towards different industries and has transformed them unimaginably.

  • A photo of two people by a lake that has been edited to remove a handbag from the image.
    Photography Industry

    If you are looking for an advanced ai photo editor for photographers to streamline your editing process, Clear Off is the perfect option. ClearOff empowers professional photographers to effortlessly remove photobombers, distracting backgrounds, or unwanted artifacts, ensuring the delivery of visually stunning, flawless images to clients. Elevate your photography game with Clear Off's powerful editing capabilities.

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  • A home interior photo that has been edited to remove a potted plant from the image.
    Real Estate Professionals

    Clear Off transforms real estate photography and simplifies the process of removing imperfections, unwanted objects, or people from property photos, enabling real estate professionals to showcase properties in their best light. Capture attention, attract potential buyers, and make a lasting impression.

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  • A dessert photo that has been edited to remove some of the desserts from the image.
    E-commerce Sector

    Product photography is an integral part of e-commerce, and most people are looking for image editors to remove background from products, and Clear Off is developed to make the lives of these people easier. Clear Off provides e-commerce businesses with a competitive edge by allowing them to eliminate logos, watermarks, and irrelevant objects from product images. Enhance your online catalogues' visual appeal and professionalism, driving conversions and customer engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Clear Off operates on a sophisticated system powered by advanced artificial intelligence and image processing algorithms. The image editing process of Clear Off is divided into several intricate steps, ensuring precise object removal and maintaining exceptional image quality.

Image Analysis: Clear Off's AI algorithm performs a comprehensive analysis of the input image, utilizing advanced computer vision techniques to understand its structure, content, and various elements present within it.

Object Detection Clear: Off accurately identifies and isolates unwanted objects, people, defects, or watermarks within the image using cutting-edge object detection models. It employs advanced deep learning networks to detect even intricate details, ensuring precise localization of the target elements.

Semantic Understanding: Clear Off goes beyond mere object detection. It applies semantic understanding to discern the context and significance of the identified elements within the image, which prioritize the removal of the most relevant and visually disruptive objects, ensuring an optimal editing outcome.

Intelligent Editing Algorithms: Clear Off employs a combination of advanced editing algorithms, including inpainting, content-aware fill, and texture synthesis techniques, which work cohesively to fill the gaps left by the removed objects seamlessly. The surrounding pixels are analyzed and synthesized to recreate the background or the underlying content, ensuring a natural and visually consistent result.

Image Refinement: Clear Off pays meticulous attention to detail by refining and blending the edited areas harmoniously with the surrounding pixels. It applies advanced image enhancement techniques, such as local contrast adjustment and colour matching, to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the overall visual coherence of the image.

Quality Preservation: Throughout the entire editing process, Clear Off prioritizes maintaining the original image quality. It leverages image enhancement algorithms to retain the image's sharpness, clarity, and colour accuracy, ensuring that the final result is visually pleasing and indistinguishable from the original photograph.

Real-time Interaction: Clear Off provides a user-friendly interface that enables real-time interaction with the edited image. Users can visualize the removal process, adjust, and fine-tune the results to achieve the desired outcome.

With its advanced AI algorithms, image-understanding capabilities, and intelligent editing techniques, Clear Off revolutionizes removing unwanted objects from photos. It offers a seamless editing experience, allowing users to effortlessly achieve flawlessly edited images without compromising quality or spending excessive time on manual edits.

Unleash the full potential of your image editing capabilities with Clear Off. Try Clear Off today and effortlessly remove unwanted objects, people, defects, and watermarks from your images while maintaining exceptional quality. Take your editing skills to new heights and create visually captivating images with Clear Off.


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