2023 Guide to Removing Stickers from Photos: Debunking Common Myths & Proven Methods

Are you struggling with an annoying sticker on a precious photo? Or worse, do you need to uncover a loved one’s face hidden behind an emoji? In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about how to remove stickers from pictures.

With so many online tools and apps claiming to remove stickers from photos, you may believe it’s easy and free. But this could be misleading. The truth is, while in some cases it can be fairly easy to remove a sticker, in others it is clearly impossible!

In this science-backed guide, we’re going to dispel some common myths around removing stickers from pictures. Let’s see what’s a myth and what’s true!

Can I remove stickers from pictures online?


You can remove stickers from pictures with several tools available online. Imagewith.AI’s Image Editor is one of the leading tools on the market. With its powerful AI-powered Clearoff feature, it helps you remove a random sticker from a picture quickly and efficiently.

Want to test? Here are 3 easy steps to follow:

1.Upload your picture to the workspace.

Upload the picture to the workspace on Imagewith.AI’s Image Editor 2.Choose either ‘Tap’ or ‘Draw’ in the bottom left. With straightforward emojis, we recommend the ‘Tap’ button. With stickers containing letters, it would be best to use ‘Draw’.  Choose either Tap or Draw in the bottom left Select the appropriate size of the brush and paint the area over the sticker.

Select the appropriate size of the brush and paint the area over the sticker 3.In a few seconds, the sticker is gone! The result is clean and professional, and the magic of the original picture is back in no time. You can now download it in your desired format and share it with your family or friends.

It gets even easier with emojis. All you have to do is use ‘Tap’ and click on the sticker after uploading a picture.  Use Tap and click on the sticker after uploading a picture In a few seconds, you will get a stunningly seamless result.

The result picture

Is the second sticker in a more challenging background? Imagewith.AI’s Clearoff can deal even with the most complex areas. Simply click ‘Tap’ again to remove it.  Click Tap again to remove the sticker in a more challenging background

Easy, fast and professional: what else could you wish from an online object removal tool?

Can I remove stickers from pictures online for free?


Some Photo editors like AniEraser or Aiseesoft, let you test their editors online for free. Picwish and Fotor also let you try their AI tools out online. Others, like Imagewith.AI, let you use it for free all the time, without any trials leading to hefty subscriptions.  AniEraser- the free editor for testing

Can I remove stickers from a face online for free?

A picture of 4 boys with a sticker on one boy's face


The common myth is that some dedicated online tools can remove any kind of stickers, including the ones covering a person’s face. One of them is Media.io’s AniEraser with its AI-powered tool removing emojis from pictures. But here’s the trick: while they can help you remove some stickers, they can not help you remove any sticker. Especially those covering people’s faces. AniEraser-Remove Emoji from Pictures

Even the smartest AI technology can not figure out what kind of face is hiding behind the sticker. If a sticker covers a background or a less detailed part of the body, the AI tool can take samples from those areas and remove the sticker more or less efficiently. But when it comes to a face, it simply can’t generate the area that does not exist!

If you have an embedded sticker on someone’s face, you don’t have to browse misleading online sticker removal tools. Scroll down below for the exclusive guide that will help you get the result you need. You won’t find it elsewhere.

Can I remove a sticker covering information from a photo and still get the information behind the picture?

No! The problem is the same as with a face sticker. AI may be a good detective when it comes to analysing the area around the sticker to generate content for a gap. However, it can’t do anything with the text behind it. Unless you find the original picture, uncovering the text may be impossible.

If you really need to know the text behind the sticker, look for the original photo. You can ask the person who sent you the photo if they have the original. If it’s your own photo, think about the app where you added the sticker in the first place. Apps usually help you undo the unwanted actions and restore the original in a hassle-free way.

Can I remove stickers from pictures without damaging them online?

Yes! Unless the sticker is hiding a face or text, it’s possible. However, different online objects or sticker removal tools will not produce the same result.

Imagewith.AI Image Editor can get you a seamless removal, and Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover can be pretty efficient, too. With some online tools, you may have to deal with blurry blobs left in the area where the sticker was. In that case, you’d have to apply some manual edits to heal it.

Can you remove stickers from your iPhone?

Yes! In IOS 17, you usually only have to long press on the annoying sticker, and it will be gone. You can even delete them in bulk quickly and hassle-free.

However, if someone sent a picture with an embedded sticker to your iPhone, you would have to use either free online tools or Photoshop. Scroll down below to read our exclusive guide if you don’t find any other solution.

Can I remove stickers from someone else’s Snapchat picture?

Yes! You can remove stickers from your current and previous snaps. It’s straightforward and doesn’t require any photo editing skills. Snapchat gives you the possibility to move the undesired sticker or emoji directly into a trash can.

If you have an annoying Snapchat sticker on someone else’s picture or video, then Snapchat will not be able to remove it for you. In this case, use online object and sticker removal tools for the best result.

Can I remove the emoji in a photo to see what was hidden or covered?

Yes and no! If the sticker or emoji covers something more monochrome, like a landscape, sky or building, the AI can generate the gap with the samples from the surrounding areas. You can restore a part of the sky or building, which will look very close to the original.

On the other hand, if you have something highly detailed and unique, like a face, office or map, then even AI will not do the trick. Unless you find or ask for the original picture, you will not be able to restore the original. However, you can replace it with the same object from another picture: we explain it in our exclusive guide below.

How can I remove embedded stickers on a face?

We’ve just seen that online sticker removal tools do not always do the trick with something as complicated as faces. But what if you feel desperate because you don’t want to lose a precious picture because of an annoying sticker?  A picture of 4 boys with a sticker on one boy's face

Don’t stress. We have a solution for you. After doing research, we’ve prepared an exclusive guide on how to remove stickers and emojis from a face.

Want to unveil the secret? Keep reading!

How can I remove stickers to see what’s hidden? Why you should consider Photoshop.

Restoring a face without the original is a tricky venture. It seems impossible at first sight, but hang in there. We will show you how you can use Photoshop to solve the problem creatively.

Why is Photoshop a good option if you have to remove embedded stickers? What science says.

The power of Photoshop lies in its capacity to leverage its AI-powered tools. One of the most successful AI tools is a Generative Fill tool. It is able to take samples from the surrounding area to generate something very close to the original in the area with a removed object or sticker.

There are numerous academic studies on generative techniques in photo editing tasks like object removal. Researchers from Stanford University have carried out a seminal study on generative techniques in image completion. They conclude that intelligent neural networks produce encouraging results in image completion, even though the output may suffer from being blurry.

How to remove stickers from pictures using Generative Fill in Photoshop?

We’ll walk you through the easiest and simplest steps you can use Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool to remove the annoying sticker. Whether you’re a professional user, a Photoshop enthusiast or a complete beginner, our guide is for everyone. Let’s get started!

Before you launch Photoshop, here’s what you will need:

  • a picture with the sticker you want to remove (Picture A)
  • a picture with the face or object hidden in the original picture, taken in different settings (Picture B)

Alas, you won’t be able to restore the exact face! But you can replace the sticker covering it with the face of the same person, taken in other settings! Just look or ask for another picture of the hidden person.

How to find the perfect picture of the face to replace the sticker?

The face has to be as close to the original as possible. The process can be really time-consuming, but here are 3 steps that will save your time and boost your confidence in the project:

1.Find a picture with a similar lightning. Lightning is crucial as it would be a challenge to adjust the different lights, even if the face or object will be perfect.

2.The person in the picture should be in a similar pose as in the original. It will save any painstaking edits.

3.The picture should be of the same resolution as the original. If the picture is too blurry or too sharp compared to the original, then the contrast will be too high and difficult to manage.

Found the picture? Great! Now, let’s see how Photoshop can help you work the magic.

How to replace a face or object in Photoshop to remove the sticker from the original picture?

Here are 5 steps you need to take to turn your idea into reality.

1.Import Pictures A and B by clicking ‘File’and then ‘Open’.

2.Start with picture B. Go to the toolbar on the left and choose the Marquee Tool. Select the rectangular area around the face or object. Make sure the selected area doesn’t fit the face or object tightly. It should be quite loose. Choose the Marquee Tool 3.Click on the Move Tool right above the Marquee tool and move the selected area to picture A.  Click on the Move Tool and move the selected area to picture A

4.Then go to the panel in the bottom right corner. Look for ‘Opacity’ and reduce it till you can see through the image.  Look for Opacity and reduce it till you can see through the image.

5.Move the face in the place of the sticker. Move it and try to fit it as closely as you can. Press CTRL+T to adjust the size. As soon as you’ve found the perfect fit, increase the opacity back to 100%.

Press CTRL+T to adjust the size 6.Now you’ll need to create a mask for the new layer, where the new face is. Simply click on the red line at the bottom right corner. You will see in the Layers panel that you’ve created a new mask.

7.Hang on, you’re halfway through! Now, choose the brush in the ‘Subtract from mask’ field below the picture. Start removing the area around the face

8. In case the sticker is too big, use the **Generative Fill Tool** to remove it from the picture. You can also use the **Clone Stamp Tool** if you’re more comfortable with it. However, the Generative Fill works way more quickly and efficiently, saving you the time and effort. It also often leads to more professional results.  Use Generative Fill Tool or Clone Stamp Tool to remove the sticker To choose it, go to the toolbar and pick the **Lasso Tool**. Draw a rough sketch around the unwanted area popping out of the original background. The **Generative Fill** will generate a similar area within seconds, giving you a choice of three pictures on your right.

Generate Fill will generate the result

9.Proceed by using the Lasso Tool to remove all the unwanted areas from the original picture till you get the result you need!  Remove all the unwanted areas from the original picture with Lasso Too

Congratulations! With the Generative Fill, you have replaced the sticker with the face of the same person. Even if it is not the original one, you have brought the real person back into the picture and reached your goal!

How can I upscale my picture after I remove the sticker?

You’ve done the most challenging part. Fantastic! But is it truly what you expected?

In most cases, you’ll have to upscale your picture after you have removed and/or replaced the sticker. Or maybe you’ve had a boost of creative energy and want to experiment with a different background?

In all of these cases,Imagewith.AI Image Editoris clearly your best option. Find out how it can help you create an impactful and truly original visual.

What makes Imagewith.AI Image Editor different from online photo editing tools?

The interface of Imagewith.AI The answer is simple: it doesn’t do the impossible. It doesn’t claim you can remove embedded stickers and restore a hidden face. But here’s what it can do for you instead:

  • seamlessly remove a sticker not covering a person or information
  • upscale your brand-new photo with a removed sticker
  • change a background if you get inspiration for a new design

We break down all three options for you down below.

How to remove stickers from pictures (not covering a face or text) with Imagewith.AI?

Remove stickers from pictures with Imagewith.AI

With its cutting-edge AI technology, Imagewith.AI’s Clearoff feature gives you a chance to remove the annoying sticker in a truly professional way. Simply ‘Tap’ on the sticker or click on ‘Draw’ to paint over the emoji. The state-of-the-art AI technology will remove it in no time.

How to upscale your brand-new photo with a removed sticker?

Imagewith.AI’s Overscale feature allows you to increase the picture’s resolution with cutting-edge upscaling technology. In a matter of seconds, your picture will look sharp, bright and enticing. Simply upload the picture and enjoy the result before you count to three!

Before: Increase the picture’s resolution with Imagewith.AI’s Overscale feature-Before After:  Increase the picture’s resolution with Imagewith.AI’s Overscale feature-After

How to remove the background with Imagewith.AI?

Remove the background with Imagewith.AI

And what if removing a sticker sparked your creative energy and you now want to experiment further with the background? Imagewith.AI’s Outcut feature allows you to remove the background instantly. Experiment with new designs, explore new backgrounds and transform your image in a creative and professional way.


Despite the misleading claims of some online photo editing tools, removing stickers from pictures is not always easy. When stickers cover a face or text, you can’t uncover the original. However, you can resort to creative ways and replace the sticker with the face from the same person from a different picture. This can be challenging but rewarding.

Unless a sticker covers the face or text, tools like Imagewith.AI Image Editor could give you the best result with lightning speed. They can also upscale your image and creatively transform it afterwards. You don’t need the tool that claims to do the impossible. You need the tool that creates the picture you didn’t think was possible.

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  3. An academic article written by Stanford University researchers on the Content Aware Image Fill in Photoshop: http://cs231n.stanford.edu/reports/2016/pdfs/209_Report.pdf

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